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Deutsche Hörfilm gGmbH (DHG) is a Berlin based company that makes arts and culture accessible for the blind and partially sighted by audio description.
Since 1998, DHG produces audio description, mainly for film (TV, DVD, cinema and festivals), but also for the stage, for expositions and museums.
In short terms, audio description makes the visual audible.

Audio description provides the listener with verbal descriptions of what can be seen: action, facial expressions, body language, scenery, costumes, landscapes.
The description is imbedded in the film as a voice-over, confined to the gaps in the dialogue.

Cooperation partners include ZDF and The International Film Festival of Berlin.

According to the WHO, there are more than 1 million blind and partially sighted people in Germany. Just as the sighted, they use television as their main source of entertainment. Audio description gives them more options for cultural participation, for sharing time with sighted people. Audio description makes visual media and culture a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Since 1998, DHG has run important projects pushing the development of audio description ahead. In 1999, we presented the first commercial DVD with an audio description ("La strada", by Kinowelt). All together, we produced audio description for more than 5.000 films. Since nearly 20 years we present audio description at the International Film Festival of Berlin, section competition. We took audio description to the big screen, introducing digital audio description as important tool of inclusion (with Dolby and DTS).

Our latest projects engaged in film heritage and expositions as important fields of inclusion in arts.

For our cinema projects, we received the Innovation Award of the Federal Government Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs.